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Mortal curiosities: Funeral museums around the world

Funeral museums factor among the more unusual attractions to tick off your bucket list. Yet with a focus on celebrating the ways people around the world mourn and say goodbye to loved ones, there can be an awful lot to see and talk about. Not entirely focused on life’s final journey, many funeral museums explore…
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The Funeral Museum, Houston, Texas

"Any day above ground is a good one" at the National Museum of Funeral History. The National Museum of Funeral History is an educational experience like no other and offers something for everyone. Discover America’s largest collection of authentic, historical funeral service items. Learn about caskets and coffins, hearses through history, plus the funerals of…
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Музей смерти в Японии

Японец Keiji Kawamoto, почетный профессор медицинского университета Кансай в Японии, неожиданно для себя стал директором Музея Черепов (Skull Museum). Все началось в 1998 с коллекционирования им различных вещей с символикой черепа, в результате его дом превратился в практически склеп, чем привлек внимание масс-медиа. (далее…)
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